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Studio Air Putih is an architecture and interior consultant studio based in Tangerang, Indonesia. Established in 2005 by Denny Gondo (architect) and his wife, Joke Roos (interior designer) after five years of collaboration between two of them. The name of “Studio Air Putih” is originated from the name of the building that Denny designed for their office, the office building is called “Floating Studio” a white house on stilts surrounded by a pond, “air” represents the pond and “putih” represents the color of the building.

Known for their modern, simple, and tropical architectural design and the simple and casual touch of glamour in interior design work, Studio Air Putih gained many new clients and produce more high quality works. In 2015, Studio Air Putih moved to Batu Bata, quite literally, they transported the Floating Studio (house on stilts) office to a new space and built the Batu Bata building surrounding the Floating Studio as their new office space.

The Batu Bata building is one of the most iconic works of Denny Gondo, structured bare bricks with a disciplined composition of moderate-scale buildings, Denny let the bricks speak for themselves, by highlighting their raw textures. Other than that, bricks require low maintenance and they are environmentally friendly because they blend with their surroundings really well, representing Denny’s preference in the building materials. The clientele of Studio Air Putih is ranging from developer, residential, office, hospitality, and commercial.