Joke Roos Joke Roos

Joke Roos who is now an interior designer was once an architect and have an architect bachelor’s degree from Parahyangan Catholic University. Before her formal university education, she had always been interested in interior design, but at that time, formal education to study interior design was not fully adequate, there was no bachelor’s degree for an interior designer.

After she graduated, she was working as an architect for about three years while working freelance as an interior designer on the side. Her degree in architecture does not contradict her passion for interior design, it even gave her a more complete picture of the act of designing. After working a double job as an architect and an interior designer, she had always known that her real passion is interior design. In 1996 she resigned from her job as an architect and being a full-time interior designer before working together with Denny Gondo in late 2000, then established Studio Air Putih in 2005.