Just like its name, Air Putih (plain water), Studio Air Putih has the flexibility to change its form to many different spatial conditions without losing its essence. By working with many clients and doing many different projects, Denny Gondo and Joke Roos developed their ability to absorb and listen to inputs and inspirations whether from their surroundings or their clients. From there, ideas can bloom and even take them to a very different place.

In the architectural side of Studio Air Putih, Denny Gondo explores many styles in the process of manifesting his clients’ visions. He believes that the design process is about absorbing, and is grateful to find countless inspirations from his surroundings.

Centering his work on details and function, Denny Gondo likes to work with materials that are easy to maintain and creating a space in which people can have their life easier by optimizing the function of each of the architectural components correctly. Although his architectural style is fluid, most of his works fall into these three categories: simple, modern, and tropical.

In the interior design side of Studio Air Putih, Joke Roos likes to explore many possibilities in response to the available space and the client’s request. Her passion for interior design departs from her love for making a functional solution for any problem. Her style in interior design is fluid, she likes to maintain simplicity while giving a touch of casual glamour to her interior design. She always tries to achieve a balanced understanding between function and form in her works.

All in all, Studio Air Putih strives to manifest its very essence to each of its works, but Studio Air Putih also likes to listen, because for the studio, both architecture and interior design are a mutual work between the architect/interior designer and the client.

Studio Air Putih